Hello this is Catelynn,

I was born in Port Huron, Michigan but raised in Marine City, Michigan most of my life. When I was 3 years old my father and mother broke up, my dad got remarried which gave me a new step sister, Amber. My mom had two other children, my little brother Nicholas and my little sister Sarah. I never knew I had an older brother until I was 13. His name is Andrew. That makes me the middle child.

My mother and I have moved all over. I have lived in many states, including Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan, but some how, some way we always end up right back here in Marine City or somewhere close by. I had a tough childhood but I’ve learned from my mother’s mistakes and hope to do better things with my life.

I met Tyler in the 7th grade, and it was like love at first sight! He liked me and I liked him, we broke up for a short time in 8th grade but continued dating in the 9th grade and have been dating ever since. That’s over 3 years! We are going strong and I love him!

After Carly’s birth, I moved in with Tyler and his mother. I can’t stay with my mom anymore because of Butch (Tyler’s Dad and my Stepdad) saying negative things about our decision. I’m trying to get a job so I can get my own place and I hope to go to college so I can do something with my life and not be dependent on Tyler’s mom to take care of me.

This website is here to keep you guys updated on Carly and us, but also so we can chat! Thank you so much everyone for your support and we will be keeping in touch!