My Life:

I was born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and raised in Marine City. I am the son of a single mother, Kimberly Forbes and the younger brother of one sister, Amber Baliterra. My father, Butch, was never in my life at all. He and my mom were never married; they just dated for a while. My mom left my dad because of his drug abuse when I was four months old. My mom has always struggled financially with raising two children and has always worked two jobs to provide for my sister and me. My dad has always been a drug addict and been in and out of prison my whole life. My mom on the other hand has not had any experiences with drugs and has always stayed completely sober my whole life.

My mom is my rock. I love her so much. She has always put her children first before anyone else. She is very involved with her church and a strong believer in the Lord. Although I do not currently frequent Church, my mom gives me Faith in what I do. She was saved in 2005 and has been that way ever since.

Before my mom was saved, she had a lot of boyfriends growing up. Some I liked and some I didn’t like. There was one boyfriend that I remember the most and the only one I ever even came close to calling a dad. She started to date him when I was about 6 months or so and didn’t leave him until I was five. So although he was not my dad, when I was a child, I was really used to him and loved him very much.

Ever since I can remember I have always had very intense and bad anger problems. I refused to listen to anyone but myself for a very long time. I was a very bad kid in school. Before school I was kicked out of all my day cares and babysitters for my erratic behavior. I couldn’t control it. After I began going to school, I was always in the principal’s office, mouthing back, not listening, and completely out of control. My first suspension was in the beginning of my 2nd grade. From then on and so fourth were repetitive years of the same thing.

I have always had an authority problem. I have always been a very independent child and wanting to do everything by myself. I have attended counseling off and on my entire life since the age of four. Through the years my father would come in and out of prison. I have always tried having a relationship with him ever since I can remember, but he would always go back to prison right when I started to become comfortable and finally feel loved by him. I remember one time when I was eight years old, I watched five cops attack my dad outside of my Uncles house, slamming his head on the concrete and all I could do was watch and cry as they took him away from me…again. I chased the cop car all the way down to the end of the street until I finally collapsed to my knees and continued to hyperventilate and feel tears falling like streams down my cheeks. My sister Amber came and picked me up and we cried together at the end of the street for what seemed like forever as we watched the cop car drive into the distance.

After that is when my life really turned around for the worse. I lit my first cigarette at the age of 8 and continue to smoke which I am not proud of at all. Cigarettes led to drinking and drinking led to other things. I am not proud of those years at all and will never go back to them as long as I live.

I struggled in school like always until 9th grade when I failed and got no credits at all and began an alternative school, which I am graduating from this year. Ever since I began this school my grades have been awesome…A’s and B’s.

Before I came to this school I found my soul-mate in 7th grade music class. Her name is Catleynn Lowell and I have loved her ever since the first time I saw her. Catelynn and me have been pretty much dating ever since and love each other very much. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful little girl, Carly, born May 18th, 2009. That day changed my life forever.

Because of our unstable home and being so young, we decided to place our daughter up for a completely open adoption. We only chose that decision for one reason and one reason only—our daughter. We know that we made the right choice for her. Ever since the day we found out Cate was pregnant, we have completely turned our lives around for the better. We want to make our daughter proud of us and we want her to know that we will always love and adore her with every bone, breath, and heartbeat we have.

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our story.


Tyler Baltierra